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New Fund /Non-Bank Financial Institution/

2nd floor of EXE Plaza, 7-1 Tumurchin street Chingeltei district Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
315345, 325514 / 325514 (Fax)

Newfund NBFI was established in January 2005 with joint investment from Newcom LLC and Mobicom Corporation.

Newfund NBFI has special licenses from Central Bank of Mongolia and Financial Regulatory Committee of Mongolia on loan and investment and financial consulting services.

Newfund provides Newcom Group’s staff with low interest rate, long term housing loans to meet social needs of the Group’s staff.

The goal of Newfund is to provide consistent financial services to Newcom Group’s employees to meet their interest and financial needs and contribute to social an economic developments of Mongolia.

Under its goal, Newfund is providing financial maintains to Group’s over 1800 employees and their family.

In last 4 year Newfund provided 3.2 billion togrog of housing loan to over 170 employees for purchase apartment and improve condition. The housing loan is for 10years and interest rate is 0.5% per month or 6% per annum.

Housing loan is strategically important in encouraging outstanding employees of Newcom Group companies and their sustainable in order not to lose them to other companies.

We have a great expectation to extent our activities and virtuous deals for many young families to have accommodation.

Newfund provides short term micro loan to meet short term financial needs of Group’s employees such as purchasing of home appliances, tools and equipment, car and payment of tuition fees and medical services.

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