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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia /MONTSAME/ The very first satellite of Mongolia named “Mongolsat” will be launched in the first quarter of the next year, the Academy of Sciences reported on Thursday at its news conference.

According to the report given by J.Gurragchaa, the first astronaut of Mongolia, the “Mongolsat” will launch from the U.S. territory.

J.Gurragchaa is working as the general consultant to the project, the academician B.Chadraa is in charge of general consultancy on the technology matters. The Institute of Physics and Technology at the AC and the Nuclear Research Center at the Mongolia’s State University are co-working on the project as well. The project has been initiated and carried out by B.Togoldor, Ts.Nandinbaatar and E.Batbayar.

The project team will purchase internationally accepted parts, assemblies and equipment from expert manufactures and distributors and will assemble the satellite and experimental devices in Mongolia. The associated software for the satellite will be programmed and loaded in Mongolia, too, and then the satellite will be ready to be sent to the USA.



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