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Naiman sharga exchange sold fake Chinese Yuan  October 14, 2013

Several people who traveled to China filed complaints to the Police that the Yuan they bought from Naiman sharga exchange was fake. The people claimed that some 6000 Yuan that they bought before they went to China was revealed to be counterfeit. Now Chingeltei District Police Department has initiated an investigation into the case.

A noticeable increase in the seizure of counterfeit mainland banknotes in Mongolia this year has prompted police to warn the public to be aware of the risk of counterfeit notes.

Police are warning the public to register the serial number of banknotes in writing or recording it on their mobile phone or using the guaranteed bank or financial institute when exchanging large amounts of money. The Police said most of the forgeries were 100 Yuan bills. Yuan buyers often become victims of counterfeiting when they buy a bundle of Yuan from Naiman sharga and then get into trouble in China


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