Top Asian Dishes You Need to Try

Top Asian Dishes You Need to Try

Asia is a vast continent with different influences. Asian dishes, in particular, are known worlds over. You might be surprised to realize that some of the most famous dishes around the globe are from Asia. Some foods are so popular to the extent that they are a common subject in heated arguments among “foodies.” Although the options that are worth trying are numerous, here are some popular options. 

Fish Balls

The popularity of fish balls in Asia probably equals that of Hot Dogs in the western world. Ideally, this delicacy is created from pressed fish meat, which can be eaten from a stick or with soup. Fish balls are mostly eaten as a snack. This delicacy can be served while cooked, fried, or steamed. While at the table, you can opt to enjoy them on their own, have them marinated, or dipped in some sauce. 


Momo is a highly regarded delicacy in Asia, and for great reasons. If you are yet to taste the Authentic Himalayan Momo, you are certainly missing out. Traditionally, Momo is made from beef, lamb, goat, chicken, and yak meat. But due to the popularity of vegan diets, you should also expect to have ample vegetarian stuffing on your plate. 


Sushi is available in numerous restaurants across the world. This Asian delicacy can be traced back to Japan, the land of the best foods. Sushi offers a balanced taste, thanks to an excellent balance of spices, rice, vegetables, and raw fish. Sushi is not only appealing to your taste buds, but it also improves your health. 

Sataythai food

Satay is undoubtedly the most popular Asian food. Depending on where you are, the spelling could be sate, sati, satey, or satay. It is essentially made from roasted meat chucks stacked in a stick. There are variations in the type of meat used. While in Muslim countries, for instance, it is mainly made from chicken and beef. Seafood satay is also quite famous across Asia.

On the other hand, Thai satay is famous for its organ sate. It could be made from either a pig’s or chicken’s heart, liver, or stomach. Served with various dips, sauces, or rice, you can never go wrong with stay.

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